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Regimental Enquiries:020 7448 0703

What we do

The HAC and our members undertake a range of activities, from soldiering and policing, to recreational, youth engagement and charitable activities. These opportunities are generally only open to those who are members of the Regiment, the Special Constabulary, the Company or the Cadet units, however our sports clubs are open to members of the public.


As a regiment in the Army Reserves, today's HAC Regiment focusses on intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and gunnery and consists of an RHQ and 5 sub-units.


The HAC Detachment of Special Constabulary comprises volunteer Special Constables who work alongside Regular police officers to ensure the safety of the City of London.

Civil Life

The Regiment's civil affairs, together with its clubs, societies and ceremonial sub-units, are managed by the Court of Assistants and the staff employed by the Company.

Youth Engagement

The Regiment supports eight cadet units and the Special Constabulary supports one. All units provide young people with opportunities to develop life, leadership and fitness skills.

Charitable Activities

Members of the HAC are keen to support others, raising over £150,000 for our charitable partnerships with ABF The Soldiers' Charity (2015-19) and SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity (since 2020).

Armed Forces Covenant

The HAC has signed the Armed Forces Covenant as a way of declaring the extensive support it already provides to the Armed Forces.

Troops with aerial vehicle
Training exercise