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Clubs and Societies

Over the years, members of the Company have formed a number of societies and sport clubs, many of which are still active today.
Many of these clubs and societies have a long history of their own – in some cases dating back more than two hundred years, and many have made an indelible and lasting contribution to the HAC as a whole.

For example, the pattern on the Regimental Tie that members of our Regiment still wear today dates back to 1894, when it was first used as a tie for the Company’s Athletic Club.

The Company broadly oversees these clubs and societies and many of them benefit from preferential access to the facilities that the HAC offers, including the use of the Artillery Garden as a sports ground. Others hold regular dinners or use the House the House to conduct their business.

Whilst membership of many of our clubs and societies is largely restricted to current members of the Company, some do allow members of the public to join and participate.

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