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Who we are

Who We are

The Honourable Artillery Company (also known as ‘the Company’ or ‘the HAC’) is one of the oldest military organizations in the world.

We were originally incorporated by Royal Charter by King Henry VIII on 25th August 1537 and subsequently became a registered charity in 1964 (Charity No: 208443). Our charitable goals remain consistent with those in our Royal Charter – ‘for military exercise and training and for the better defence of the realm’.

Today, the Charity Commission records the activities of the Company as being support to the HAC Regiment of the Army Reserve, support to the HAC detachment of Special Constabulary of the City of London Police, support to the Benevolent Fund and our ceremonial sub-units, and conservation of the Company estate and treasures.

Since 1908 the HAC has been a regiment of the Territorial Army (now the Army Reserve) and the Ministry of Defence is entirely responsible for training, equipping and (through the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association) housing the Regiment, although much of our charitable funding goes towards supporting the Regiment in areas where public money is scarce or unavailable.

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Established in 1919, the Honourable Artillery Company Detachment of Special Constabulary is attached to the City of London Police, and assists in maintaining law and order in the City of London. Today, the Detachment forms part of the City of London Police and is an Active Unit of the HAC. Its administrative base continues to be at Armoury House.

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The Company consists of approximately 2,500 members, some 400 of whom are actively serving either with the Regiment or the HAC Detachment of Special Constabulary. The remainder are either veteran members who have previously served in the Regiment or Special Constabulary, or non-regimental members who have given military or police service to the Crown elsewhere.

The membership encompasses many activities and interests. Some of our members are actively involved in the governance of the Company as elected charity trustees. Others participate in our veteran ceremonial sub-units – the Company of Pikemen & Musketeers and the Light Cavalry as well as a number of clubs and societies.

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