Freemasonry is a voluntary, fraternal organisation, composed of men of good will, good character and reputation, who believe in brotherly love and charity. Members meet on a regular basis to work towards Degrees as well as ritual rehearsal and further education. Charity is a distinguishing characteristic of freemasonry and, as such, much time is given to fundraising efforts and other charitable activities. For further general information on freemasonry in London, please visit

HAC Lodges

The HAC is home to two masonic Lodges and one Chapter, namely:

  • FitzRoy Craft Lodge (No 569)
  • FitzRoy Mark Lodge (No 815)
  • FitzRoy Chapter (No 569)

FitzRoy Craft Lodge was founded in 1849, making it the second oldest society within the HAC, after the Mess Club. FitzRoy Chapter followed with consecration in 1881 and then FitzRoy Mark Lodge in 1925. Each has its own calendar of meetings and events allowing members to join which is most appropriate for them.

The Lodge takes its name from Lt Col the Hon Henry FitzRoy MP who, “as Commanding Officer of the Regiment, gave his consent and hearty support at the foundation of the Lodge which bears his name and, but for the pressure of his Parliamentary duties, he would have been an attending member”. FitzRoy is a leading lodge in the Circuit of Service Lodges.

Whilst all three Lodges/Chapter are independent of one another, they often work closely together, especially on charitable projects. Recently, they have contributed to fundraising for the London Air Ambulance Appeal and the London Fire Brigade Aerial Platform Appeal. They also support HAC organisations, such as providing annual financial support to the HAC Cadet units. Additionally, FitzRoy Mark has donated to the Blood Bikes Appeal and towards the provision of new ambulances for St John Ambulance.


All members of the FitzRoy Lodges and Chapter should also be active or veteran members of the HAC Regiment. Those who are new to masonry should first acquire the three Degrees (Initiate, Fellowcraft and Master Mason) via FitzRoy Craft Lodge (or another Craft lodge). Those who are already Master Masons are welcome to join FitzRoy Mark Lodge or FitzRoy Chapter directly.

All HAC Members are welcome to find out more about either of the Lodges or Chapter; please visit the Members’ area for further details.