The Rifle Club


The Rifle Club caters for those interested in full-bore (7.62mm) target rifle shooting under National Rifle Association conditions: deliberate, single-shot firing from the prone position at fixed targets at distances between 300 and 1000 yards. The Club has associate membership of the London Middlesex Rifle Association, but currently shoots exclusively at Bisley. The Club owns four rifles of different makes together with spotting telescopes and other equipment.

Season, Fixtures and Training

The season runs from spring to autumn each year and typically consists of five or six half-day practice sessions, three or four matches and the Championship weekend. One-to-one supervision and coaching is also available, particularly for new members.

Other Activities

The Club attends the HAC Sports Presentation Evening where all clubs celebrate the achievements of the past sporting calendar.

New Members

New members are welcome to join the Rifle Club; you need not be a member of the HAC to apply. Costs are kept to a minimum and one-to-one coaching is available. For more information, please complete the enquiry form on this page or contact the Company office.

Rifle shooting competition
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