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Indoor summer parties

If there was any proof needed that the British weather has got some bite, then February 2020 has done just that. It’s been a good reminder that wind, rain and cold temperatures are not fun when you’re outside, particularly when you’re trying to relax and enjoy yourself.

Although it’s unlikely you’ll see weather like we’ve experienced this month at your summer party, there’s every possibility it won’t be nice enough to hold your event outside. So why not remove the element of uncertainty and stress and decide to hold the event inside from the off?

Indoor summer parties – the benefits

Planning an indoor summer party means that you aren’t in any way at the mercy of the elements. Come rain or shine you can be in complete control of your party‘s environment, which means you can be sure your guests will be comfortable throughout the event. You also don’t need to worry about having to move your party last minute, which is a possibility that hangs over every outdoor event organiser. Venues that don’t have an indoor option even have to cancel parties entirely if the weather doesn’t play ball, an outcome no planner wants to face.


Indoor summer parties – themes and ideas

Hosting your party inside doesn’t mean you don’t get the opportunity to celebrate the summer. It actually gives you more freedom and opportunity to create the summer party of your dreams.



With the right lighting, hired palm trees, soft white sand and a steel band you can get a full-on tropical summer party vibe going if you hold your event inside. Asking guests to wear Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts at an outdoor summer party means you run the risk of having very cold guests after the sun goes down, or very soggy ones should the heavens open. Take the party inside and you’ll have a warm, dry atmosphere for your invitees to enjoy your beach paradise.


Holding a carnival-themed summer party indoors means you won’t need to worry about your stilt walkers being blown over in the wind or your paper lanterns disintegrating in the wet. It also means your roaming brass band won’t be battling against the elements and their musical efforts being swept away with the breeze. Bringing the barbecue and all of your AV inside will also make life a lot easier for your technicians.


A bucking bronco is a tough enough challenge without having to deal with the heat and glare of an unrelenting sun. Although it’s often adverse weather conditions that play on the minds of summer party organisers, it’s worth remembering that high temperatures and cloudless skies can also cause problems for guests. Taking the party entirely under cover means no one will be fighting for those illusive shady spots and your chefs working the barbecue can do so comfortably and without fear of sunstroke.

Indoor summer parties – clever touches and things to think about

Getting the lighting right is going to be key to the success of your party as it plays a huge part in creating atmosphere. Choosing a venue with an in-built lighting system means you’ll be able to produce a wide range of looks and feels depending on your ideas and requirements.

When looking for an indoor summer party venue, keep an eye out for spaces with large windows or ceiling sky lights if you’re keen to have natural light in your party space. On the flipside, you could consider hiring a space with complete blackout facilities so you can control the lighting entirely, should your theme require it.

Live cooking stations can help bring the feel of al fresco dining to an indoor summer party. Check with your venue that they can accommodate this and think about how the smells and sights of the food you want to serve can help add to the atmosphere of your party. Barbecues are an obvious choice because of the summer connotations but you could also consider a hotdog stand, a candy floss cart or a burger bar with a large range of help yourself toppings.

There really is nothing that compares to live music at a summer party – wherever you’re holding it. A live band in an indoor setting will really increase everyone’s energy levels and will have the ability to transport your guests to a warm, sunny beach – or wherever else your theme takes them.

To create an outdoor feeling in an inside space, hiring potted plants, flowers, trees and shrubs adds a truly authentic touch. Bright colours, fragrant aromas… living, breathing foliage creates a unique environment that will enhance your party goers’ experience. It’s also a much more sustainable alternative to cut flowers, a topic that’s really taking centre stage in the events industry in 2020. 

Summer parties at The HAC

We’re fortunate here at The HAC to have five acres of lush green lawns, a Sun Terrace and a large indoor event space with a state-of-the-art lighting system and a large, glass, vaulted ceiling. A summer party at The HAC can be whatever you want it to be and our highly experienced events team is renowned for its spectacular theming. Our caterers, Searcys, have an exceptional reputation for serving restaurant quality food for up to 700 guests in our Prince Consort Rooms. To discuss your indoor or outdoor summer party with us, give us a call on 020 7382 1533.