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What Your Venue Says About You

Every part of every event is a statement about its organiser. Or rather, the company or brand the organiser represents. Whether you’re holding an awards do, a conference, an internal meeting or a company summer party, the venue in which you choose to host your event is a clear statement of who you are and what you’re all about. So make sure you’ve thought about the following things before you make your booking.


Your event begins long before you welcome your first guest through the doors and long after you wave your last off into the night. The town or city in which your venue is located and its immediate surroundings all play a large part in look, feel and brand of your event. If you’re holding a team-building weekend for your staff, would they appreciate being taken away from it all with a trip to a rural location? Or maybe if it’s an international conference you’re holding with key speakers and delegates flying in from all over the world, then a venue in the heart of a capital city might be more aligned with your cutting-edge content. Either way, before you start compiling a shortlist of venues, take a step back and look at the big picture first.


The period in which your venue was built will be apparent to your attendees throughout your event. The architecture, internal features, furniture, décor and layout will all have an input towards the atmosphere. Does Edwardian glamour fit the bill for your Christmas party? Or is Georgian grandeur more your cup of tea for your AGM? Perhaps ultra-modern and ahead of the curve is more the right fit for your internal brainstorm?

Splash or save

Some events are put on to treat, spoil and indulge their guests. Others are more about getting business done and frivolity has no place. And of course, there’s a myriad of options in between. Choose a venue that represents the wrong end of the scale for your specific event and you run the risk of, at best, setting entirely the wrong tone and at worst, upsetting your guests. Value for money while not emptying the coffers is often the ‘look’ organisers opt for, but every planner needs to individually assess their event’s goals and purpose.

Ethics and values

Does your company have a strong C&SR policy? Can you tie that in with the venue you choose? Perhaps you have flawless recycling credentials? Or maybe using local suppliers is your key focus? Think about the core values of your company or brand and talk to each of your short-listed venues about what matters to them.


Here at The HAC we have a long and proud association with the armed services and the Royal family. Our British values and traditional setting help us stand out on the international venue stage and we warmly welcome clients from across the globe every week. The venue itself is made up of three distinct parts: Armoury House, a stunning, Georgian building; the Prince Consort Rooms, an ultra-modern event suite with its own entrance; and the Artillery Garden, five acres of lush, green lawns. Give our Events Team a call to discuss your next event at The HAC on 020 7382 1533.