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Ice Breaker Games

Whether you’re hosting a meeting, conference, dinner or drinks reception, it’s the interaction between your guests that will make your event a true success. Even if your attendees know each other really well, your event will be putting them in a different environment and shaking up everyday dynamics, so why not offer them a helping hand?


One of the main reasons our clients book meeting space at the HAC is to give their colleagues a change of scene that will inspire ideas and get creative juices flowing. Taking people out of their comfort zones can have a hugely positive impact on a meeting's productivity, but it can also make people nervous.

Getting to know you…

Hand each person in your meeting an envelope which contains five ‘getting to know you’ questions. In turn, ask everyone to open their envelope, read out each question and answer it to the group. Keep the questions fun, not intrusive and make sure nothing leads to anyone being embarrassed. Examples could include; Where did you grow up? Who do you admire most in the world? Are you a cat or dog person?

Two truths and a lie

You can get your attendees to prepare these before the event – it’s much better if some thought has gone into them. Each person needs to think of two unusual things about themselves that no one else in the room will know and they also need to make something up. Everyone takes it in turns to read out their three ‘facts’ and it’s up to their colleagues to guess which one is the lie.

Weddings and dinners

A lot of thought goes into the table plan at a sit-down meal so there must have been a reason behind seating two people next to each other.

Things in common

Place an envelope on everyone’s seat with a sentence that starts ‘tell the person to your right (or left) about the time you…’ Tailor-make each sentence for your individual guests so they can begin building a beautiful friendship.

Coin toss

This game gets pulses racing and introduces some competition into proceedings. Get everyone in the room standing up and ask the MC to request every guest raises their right hand for heads, left for tails, then toss a coin. Everyone who called it correctly stays standing, the losers sit down. Keep doing this until someone is the last guest standing and present their table with a bottle of bubbles.

Drinks receptions and parties

Without seats, an event can be an intimidating place for guests and people tend to stick in familiar cliques. To get your invitees networking or making friends, you need to create movement.

Colour-code your guests

Give every guest a coloured wrist band, using several different colours. Challenge guests to find as many other people with a matching band.

Mixing it up

Hire actors to mingle amongst your guests, move people around different groups and help invitees to introduce themselves to each other. The actors can start conversations for people in an amusing way to keep things light-hearted and fun.

Your next event at the HAC

Our Events Team is highly experienced and knows all the tricks of the trade in getting an event buzzing. Speak to them about your next function at the HAC, and they’ll give you all the help and advice you need. You can reach them on 020 7382 1533.