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How to Choose your Wedding Theme

Lots of couples find planning a wedding a daunting task. The venue, the flowers, the dress – where to begin? But once you’ve chosen a theme you’ll find the options narrow down for every subsequent decision and the whole journey becomes a lot easier - enjoyable, even. So to get you started we’ve pulled together some ideas to get you thinking about which theme might suit you best.


A wedding theme can be as simple as choosing one or two colours and linking them through all of your aesthetic decisions. Many couples who choose this route will centre their choice around the time of year in which they are planning on tying the knot. Traditionally these colours would reflect the hues seen in nature in the different seasons, or ones associated with that time of year. So, spring - yellows and purples, summer - pinks and greens, autumn - oranges and deep greens and winter - white and reds.

Of course, there are lots of other colours found in nature throughout the year, so list above is far from exhaustive, but it’s a good starting point.


Another great way to theme your wedding is to centre everything around a place that is special to you and you husband/wife-to-be. Perhaps you got engaged in Italy or you met in France? Everything from the food, the decorations, the favours… could take on a cultural slant. As well as being great fun to organise, it’ll also ensure your wedding day stands out for your guests as one to remember.

All about you

Choosing a theme that represents you and your other half is another way to make your wedding unique and memorable for your friends and family. Perhaps you both love to surf? You could go all out on a beach theme with sand, palm trees and the bridesmaids in grass skirts. Or maybe you both love Jazz? The music would obviously take care of itself, and you could theme your decorations around the 1920s party scene. What about your sporting interests? If you’re both big sports fans you could set up some games for you guests to play during the drinks reception (we’re thinking croquet, skittles and table tennis).

Classic ideas

Choosing a wedding theme doesn’t have to involve lots of soul searching if that isn’t your style. There are plenty of couples who choose beautiful, traditional wedding themes which are thoroughly enjoyed by them and all of their guests. English garden party, winter wonderland, vintage, contemporary, rustic… it can be as simple as choosing an aesthetic style you like, and going with it.

Your venue

Another way to theme your wedding is to start searching for a venue you love and use the style of the space you’ve chosen as your starting point. There might be beautiful flowers in the gardens where you’ll be hosting your reception drinks that can offer you a colour scheme to follow, or maybe it’s an historic building with furniture and décor that you can work around. Speak to the Wedding Team at the venue and ask to see pictures of what other couples have done, there’s nothing wrong with using other couples’ weddings for inspiration!

Weddings at The HAC

We’re lucky at The HAC as we have four fabulous wedding spaces, each with its own character and charms. From the contemporary Prince Consort Rooms to the beautiful, Grade II listed Long Room, we have spaces that can act as the perfect backdrop for a wide range of wedding themes. Give our team a call on 020 7382 1533 to discuss you dates and ideas.