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The ultimate guide to planning your summer party

Summer parties are one of life’s best offerings. Warm weather, conversation, seasonal food and fruity bubbles provide us all with something to look forward to in the colder, darker months and, at the HAC, we know a thing or two about creating exceptional outdoor events.

Looking forward: HAC and 2021 rugby events in trying times

As the Six Nations gets underway, here at The HAC we’re getting excited about the prospect of rugby, cricket and football returning to the Artillery

Top tips for marketing your virtual event

As the new year begins it seems an end to the global pandemic may well be in sight. We can’t wait to see our venue booking up with live meetings, conferences, weddings and parties, but we’re also expecting to see a large surge in virtual events.

Top tips on organising a micro wedding

There’s no question - 2020 has been the year of the micro wedding. Thousands of couples planning to get married in the last year have had to re-think their Big Day plans.

9 Steps to Achieving a Successful Hybrid Event

No one can predict how the event world will look this time next year, but one thing’s for sure; hybrid events are going to feature heavily for the foreseeable future, so make sure you understand how to hold a successful one.

London Concours to go Ahead

The UK's first major automotive event since February, London Concours, is confirmed to go ahead on 19-20 August 2020.

Video conferencing – why do it and how to do it well

In the last few months the way in which we work has changed beyond recognition. With huge limitations and restrictions on face-to-face meetings, almost overnight the entire world has had to adapt to a new era of virtual meetings.

How to stay healthy and productive when working from home

Working from home is not a choice all of us would make, but in recent times, it’s become compulsory for much of the country. Looking after your mental and physical wellbeing while homeworking is key to remaining productive and positive throughout what might prove to be a challenging time for many.

Indoor summer parties

At the HAC we pride ourselves on being a sustainable London venue and are always taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment, actively seeking out new ways to improve our processes and offerings.

Five Event Planning Habits to Avoid

Whether you’re a first-time organiser or have dozens of events under your belt, getting into bad habits can happen at any time in your career.