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How to raise awareness and increase attendance

Event planning can be a daunting process alone, without worrying about whether any of your delegates are going to show up. No one is immune to that pre-event panic, picturing empty chairs or untouched canapés. We have years of experience hosting events and have seen countless delegates walk through our doors.

How to plan your perfect Summer wedding in the UK

Wondering how to plan your perfect summer wedding? Follow these six easy steps, from outdoor entertainment, to invitation etiquette and outfit inspiration, to make sure you have everything covered.

2022 predicted event trends

As the event industry finally emerges (albeit bleary-eyed and a little shell-shocked) from its most challenging few years in living memory, it’s time for us all to start looking forward.

When to start planning your wedding based on the season you’re getting hitched

Post-engagement, there comes a point in every couples’ journey where the logistical feat that is planning a wedding hits home. Where to begin? When to begin?

Different Ways to Design the Ultimate Seating Plan for your Wedding

There’s no getting around it: planning a wedding is tough. With so many decisions to make – cake flavours to sample, table decorations to choose, finalising that all-important party playlist

How to Find the Best Menu for your Next Event

Food, glorious food. It’s no secret that catering is key to almost every type of event. Think of a wedding: aside from the ceremony itself, chances are, your mind turns to the wedding breakfast, the conversation over canapés and, of course, the cake.

How to Choose the Perfect Theme for your Christmas Party

It’s now officially the second half of 2021, and, if you’re anything like us, you’re already counting down the days until the festive season.

8 Party Planning Hacks Every Event Planner Should Know

From summer balls to company Christmas parties, we’ve hosted hundreds of celebrations at the HAC.

10 Reasons to Choose a Historic Venue for a Conference

Choosing the perfect space for a conference is no easy feat. Setting is everything: a good venue will establish the tone of the conference, compliment business identity, spark conversation, and, ultimately, set your event apart from the crowd.

9 Wedding Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them for the Perfect Day

When you first start planning your wedding, you’re likely to have quite a few things in mind that you do and don’t want to include, and it can be easy to get a bit carried away and then watch all the costs pile up.